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Ok, so you need a little help in the area of ​​foreplay… well, I hope these foreplay techniques will give you some great new techniques. This is the third and final entry in my foreplay guide (at least for now)…so feel free to check out my previous entries as well.

These are all sexual techniques that I use regularly, and quite often I get comments about how good I am with my hands and how nice it was. Am I trying to brag? No… I’m just saying this works, and it works fine. If you apply these techniques, sexual pleasure awaits your woman.

Now, if you have read my other articles, you will know that I really like foreplay. You can’t just dive into things and start looking for her genitals without preparing her. First, if she’s not ready, it won’t be pleasurable for her, and second, it will take a lot longer for her to orgasm. Anticipation is the key here.

Okay, so your girl is ready…she’s wet…breathing heavily…she wants more…what do you do? Well, check out these three awesome techniques for her sexual pleasure.

Sex Technique #1 – Coming Here

Ok, so you don’t want to just stick your fingers right in there and hurt yourself always start off soft. Run your finger up and down his genitals a few times and gently try to part his “lips.” Once you’ve done that, very slowly insert two fingers (I usually use the index and middle fingers, but you may prefer the middle and ring fingers).

Again, start by slowly moving your fingers in and out a few times. Now… the “come here.” Once your fingers are all the way in, gently curl them up and pull them back (not all the way out). Again… straight… curl up and back. If you do this move in the air, you’ll see why it’s called come here… like telling someone to come to you.

Now, the goal here is to put some pressure on the upper vaginal wall, as this can be a very pleasurable area for her, and this is where the G-spot is. will it cause pain, or she just won’t be ready for it. You can really build some good speed and pressure here, but make sure it’s okay… just ask him… “Are you okay? Do you want me to go faster? Harder?” What better way to know what you want.

Sex Technique #2 – Finger Flapping

This technique again has to do with putting pressure on the upper vaginal wall. Since her fingers are already inside her, go in pretty deep. Now just “wiggle” your fingers up and down (no in-and-out motion here). Unlike come here, where you bend your fingers at the second knuckle (the one closest to the fingertip), here your fingers stay straight and bend them at the first knuckle. Imagine the first knuckle acting as a hinge to simply move your fingers up and down.

You’ll want to experiment with speed and position here. The girl you’re with may like this super deep, or she may like it shallow…or she may like both! Who knows… judging by her breathing and her moaning (and what she tells you, of course).

Sexual Technique #3 – The Squirt

Now, as the name suggests, this technique can induce quite a bit of squirting… beware! Actually, the other techniques can do it too, but this one is the most likely. Some women are able to ejaculate very easily (usually older women), while others are unable to ejaculate at all, or are still unsure how to control this ability. So don’t expect 100% squirting here, but it can happen.

Ok, so what to do. Insert your fingers quite deep and curl them up (as in see here). Now just move your whole hand up and down to hit the top wall over and over again. He starts off softly so he knows his woman likes him. I know this technique seems very crude, but trust me… some women love it.

I am often amazed at how hard and fast I can go when using this technique… it can get very hard and very fast. One would think it would cause pain, but she moans in ecstasy.

Experiment with speed, pressure, and position with the three techniques above. Judge if he likes her based on her breathing, her moans, and what she says to you. If you’ve never been with a certain girl before, make sure to ask her if she’s okay and if she likes her or not…this is the only sure way to find out.

Alright guys… put these techniques to use and get those orgasms!

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