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The easels are great. Anyone who has small children at home will know how difficult it is to keep them calm and entertained at the same time. The Little Tikes Easel does just that. If you’re thinking about purchasing the Little Tikes Easel, or if you’re just looking to gift one to your family member, it’s worth learning more about some of the pros and cons of this easel before making your decision to purchase one.


1. double easel – This easel is double sided to keep up to two children entertained at the same time and comes with wide trays on both sides to store art supplies. With a whiteboard on one side and a large plastic clip to hold a 50-sheet pad of paper on the other side, this easel provides children with a means to learn to explore the world of drawing and colouring.

2. Sustainable and safe for children. – Designed with child safety in mind, this easel is made of non-toxic plastic material and comes in a variety of colors. It is very durable and can withstand rough use. The edges are rounded and it is difficult to hurt children anyway. Made of high-quality plastic, this easel is sure to last for years for your children to play with.

3. Portable and easy to use – This easel can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in the home. It is quite light and easy to move from room to room if necessary. It folds up quite easily for compact storage.

Four. Easy to clean – Plastic snap-on trays are easy to remove and can be transported to the sink to wash off paint. In the summer, when the easel is kept outside for the kids to play, you can simply turn on the hose and spray it off. The paint flows easily from the plastic and the easel looks like new.

5. easy to assemble – This easel is very simple and doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, making the assembly process a breeze. You would need only a few tools to put this together.


1. wide and bulky – This easel is a bit bulky and can take up quite a bit of space. Check it out at the local store before buying it online, as it may not fit well in your home.

2. paper clip – The big plastic clip that holds the paper is not as strong as it could be. You are having trouble holding a whole pad of paper and the paper keeps falling out. You can tear off some leaves to make it hold up.

3. Predrilled Holes – Pre-drilled holes do not line up correctly for installation. You may need to try with a wooden hammer to line it up. Also, there were no pre-drilled holes to attach the whiteboard when we purchased one. We had to drill ours. Not a major problem, but an irritant.

Four. board – This is a major problem. The whiteboard is black plastic and does not function the same as a real whiteboard; it is difficult to draw and erase. I didn’t like this personally, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

5. chalk dust – The chalks that come included with this easel seem to be very dusty. It may be due to low quality. I would recommend buying your own chalk from some well known brands.

To conclude, even though there are some concerns about this easel, there is no stopping the show. You can fix the problems and continue to use this easel for a long, long time.

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