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Article marketing is one of the most important strategies that are used for internet marketing. This method started out as the best and most reliable way for people to start an online business. Since the cost is free or minimal, a little time and effort in writing became the way for newbies to get started; and still is. Recent changes in search engines made it imperative that all site owners start using this concept for a chance to rank high.

To understand what’s so special about article marketing, which makes it the deal breaker in search engines, let’s define exactly what it means. A form of advertising; Companies produce articles related to their products and their niche. The key to driving traffic and ranking high in search engines is having a constant stream of good, reliable content; containing SEO keywords; words specifically placed in an article to rank high in a search. More articles in your website directory result in better search results. As website owners know, more traffic can mean more sales.

Article marketing also opened the doors for article reprint directory sites, these are sites that make content available for website owners to copy and use on their sites if they can’t write their own, or they just don’t want to. Site owners browse these sites on a daily basis and save specialized articles related to their business. It started out as a good concept, but ended up leading to copied or rephrased content. Using content from directory sites will damage your site in page rank and credibility; Websites can also be banned in SE.

Article marketing is also a means for a website to retrieve links to your page. Informational articles about the niche of your pages are posted on directory sites; In the author bio box, you can add a link for your website. When readers go to your site, a quality inbound link to your site is created. Make sure your website contains an extensive directory of articles; and other people who click on your link will maintain a constant stream of quality inbound links that will give your site credibility while promoting you as an expert. Fresh, quality content means virtually unlimited traffic to your site.

Article marketing has changed the way search engines rank pages that rely on quality content on a website using SEO keywords. With so much reliance on this factor, hiring someone to create new content would be cheaper than getting banned from search engines. Maintain the reputation of article marketing; stay away from copied content.

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