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When is a “B” the second best score you can get? When it comes to Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant! That is, achieve the second highest rating awarded by The Chinese Quest! For the other reason you might get a “B”, all you have to do is check out our Twitter feed, @TheChineseQuest.

After a two-month hiatus, in the winter that will seemingly never end in the New York City metropolitan area, the Mee hit the road again tonight. Taking special note of Mee Tsu Yan’s delicate gut strength, or lack thereof at the moment, we deliberately chose a Chinese restaurant of the Cantonese variety.

Once again, we searched for the best Chinese restaurant around and again ventured across the border from Nassau into Flushing, NY. At this point, we should consider rating Flushing restaurants on a separate scale from Long Island restaurants, as it is becoming apparent that Flushing restaurants now occupy four of the top five spots in our Search for the Best Chinese Restaurant. In all, umm, Long Island. .

Our destination was:

Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant

136-14 38th Avenue

Flushing, NY 11354

Our special guest tonight was Most Honorable Mee Har Vee, a world-renowned wine connoisseur, or sommelier, a bon vivant, and a nice guy in every way. A true mensch, if we ever meet one. A character. And we meet the characters!

Darren was our host. I swear the guy could have been in vaudeville! And what better way to strike a chord with a Jew than to be fun and personable. We were in for a real treat (he sure put it, the “B” rating that the Board of Health slapped on the restaurant, our minds at peace).

We leave the ENTIRE order to him … and we leave the wine selection to Mee Har Vee … more on that later.

When Darren (we’re not quite sure if that’s his real name or a stage name) brought out three appetizers that included our plate of spare ribs (regular), crispy Peking duck (yum-Mee), and a crispy chicken plate, our Meal got off to a great start.

It was accompanied by the first of Mee Har Vee’s five wine selections, called “Seven Daughters.” Now that there were six of us, we were a bit confused. What was the extra daughter doing at our table? He then explained that the Seven Daughters represent the seven different grapes that were mixed together to make this most delicious white wine. Four other wines were served. It beats me as they were called. By then I was … umm, getting back to the review.

So after the appetizers had settled well in our stomachs, it was time for Darren (that was his name, right?) To recommend our main courses. There were four or five spectacular options served with incredible sauces. Nothing spicy. But, very succulent.

My favorite was the five pound lobster in a ginger garlic sauce.

There was a piece of steak (kew?) … melted in your mouth. Scallops that looked like butter. Another special house chicken and fried rice dish.

Being a true and authentic Chinese restaurant, no fortune cookies were served for dessert (sorry, you’ll have to pick your lottery numbers elsewhere), but the sweetest and juiciest oranges I’ve had in a long time. .

There are literally hundreds of Chinese restaurants you can go to in Flushing. This is one that you surely don’t want to miss.

Humbly presented for your consumption,

-Lonnie Goldman aka Mee Magnum (“Chop! Chop!”)

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