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July 23 – August 22

Ascendant Crystal: Citrine

Leo Rising is a person who tends to be larger than life and loves the limelight, a born actor; you will definitely turn heads and basically demand to be noticed. You may tend to hide behind this confident attitude even if you don’t feel so confident. Your rising crystal is good for all of these tendencies, as it will allow you to be flexible and open to new experiences; Citrine will also attract helpful friends and mentors and is also an abundance attractor so it will only bring all this positive energy into your life.

Citrine should be carried with you at all times as it is a very important crystal for your energy, it helps you create and develop your creativity and attracts success, it can help you not be so sensitive to criticism and it can help you laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously. It also reduces grandiose ideas of who you are and where you are going, that idea that you are superior. That two-faced personality of pride and specialness shines through even when you don’t want it to and Citrine will bring you back to your benevolent self.

Again, carry Citrine with you at all times as it will also help you with flexibility and help you listen to others rather than talk about them; and it also helps you stay calm in times of very difficult times. You have a great tendency towards generosity and you attract to you all the good things in life, almost automatically, or so it will seem to someone looking at you.

A perfect way to carry citrine with you is in an amulet bag necklace which can be designed to carry your citrine right over your heart chakra, which will activate both the crystal and the heart chakra. Also, if you carry this crystal with your money, you will manifest your money faster. You can also get a full Personal Crystal Prescription of the exact crystals that complement your birth chart, this is great as it balances your life and being.

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