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Personally, I think one of the biggest problems dog owners have is jumping. Jumping on them, friends, family, furniture, and counters is a big problem for many people.

Teaching your dog the word “Off” can be a very effective way to deal with this problem. The big mistake I often see is telling the dog “Down” when he jumps. If a dog owner uses the “down” command when he wants his dog to lie down, he should not use it when his dog jumps up. It is much better to use the “Off” command.

Get off the couch, off the counter, off me. Off is first taught on the couch. I always put the dog on a leash and then invite him to sit on the couch. Once there, I give the OFF command.

If the dog refuses to move, I take the leash and gently help the dog off the couch. I repeat this over and over until I no longer have to touch the leash.

Once the dog jumps off the couch without my help, I give him lots of praise and rewards. Then I move on to the counters and people, always using the leash to get the dog to follow the command and then using lots of rewards for doing the command.

A leash can be a very useful training tool for teaching the Off command. It will give you some control when your dog starts to jump.

Give it a try and you will be surprised how quickly your dog will learn this.

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