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When searching for domain names, most people get confused about whether to settle for a dot com or a dot net address. Even more so in recent times, when point network addresses have increased in popularity and usage on the network.

There are some important facts that one must realize before going for a net dot address. Very often, when people need to memorize the address of a website, they don’t remember the dot net and the first place they check is the given address with a dot com ending. Many times when not finding it there, it will almost never occur to them to use dot net to repeat the search. That’s a lost visitor and maybe even a potential customer.

What is even more worrying is that there is mounting evidence to suggest that an increasing number of people end up on a website after hearing about it from a friend or acquaintance, or by seeing or hearing an ad on TV. on the radio or while reading. something about the site By memorizing the website address, very few will clearly remember the net dot address if that is the domain name you have chosen.

Having said that, let’s also appreciate the fact that it’s getting harder for anyone to get a decent dot com address. After years of use, there’s hardly a catchy short name you can think of that hasn’t caught on. Don’t even mention search engine keyword friendly domain names that will be virtually impossible to get. This is why people often settle for a net point address. Others don’t even bother to start their search with dot com domains. This is a big mistake despite the lack of availability of good dot com domains, which we have already acknowledged.

Extensive efforts should be made to try and secure a dot com domain before giving up and going dot net. For example, you can try searching for abandoned domain names. In fact, by making an effort to be really creative and not rush the process, it’s quite possible to secure a reasonably good dot com domain. You can be sure that it will be well worth the extra effort and time you put into it, resulting in greater success when you start looking for traffic. Of course, if you can’t get a dot com domain, a dot net is a good second option.

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