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additional income

The extra income can make a world of difference for people looking for greener pastures.

You can turn a hobby, interest, knowledge, skill, or passion into a profitable home-based business that fits your lifestyle goals.

Look at the financial benefits by focusing on the end goal.

The additional income frees you from a single source of income and from having to worry about how to make ends meet.

It can help you pay off your house, pay off any outstanding debt, build savings and investments, go on vacation, or do the things you dream of.


Online Business Opportunities

Online business opportunities require commitment, a desire to learn, targeting the right traffic, and pursuing your goals.

An online business is not restricted by geographic demographics.

Open the door to a wide selection of products, services and information to sell and promote in a global marketplace that operates year-round.

There are a variety of avenues of online income to search through for the most affordable and profitable forms of promotion.

Treat your website like a business and you will generate long-term, ongoing, passive and residual income around the clock.

Pick a niche

A niche is a more focused or smaller part of a broad market.

Niche marketing focuses on targeting those visitors who will be specifically interested in those products, services, or information.

Niche affiliate programs have digital and physical affiliate products to promote and earn money.

Drop shipping allows you to sell niche products through your website, eBay, or Amazon.

brick and mortar business

A website can help businesses stand out from the competition by increasing their visibility in their community, promoting target audiences, finding a new consumer base, or developing another profitable niche that complements an existing business.

food ideas

For example, an information website is a great way to showcase inspiring recipes, cooking methods, and how-to tips designed to make time in the kitchen easier.

Visitors can rediscover tried and tested old favorites alongside fabulous new flavors.

They can get advice on how to choose the best quality products, from fresh vegetables, seafood and cheeses to creating delicious, healthy, balanced and nutritious meals.

Over the years, you may have accumulated favorite recipes from your own culinary experiences, there are the unforgettable dishes from your mother and grandmother and those you enjoy with your family on special occasions.

And, of course, there are the great time-tested dishes of his heritage.

In addition to earning affiliate income through your website, you can create your own cookbook and self-publish it through Kindle Direct Publishing and promote it on Amazon Books.

Case study:

Work at Home Mothers (WAHM)

Crystal Maleski


Not a techie, Crystal turns her passion for cooking into a successful online business. It all started with a few emails to friends about easy dinner ideas. Now, this WAHM, with four teenage sons all in sports, loves how she can work when and where she wants.

“Although I loved my career when I was single, I found the stress of working long hours with young children to be very exhausting. I no longer feel stressed when one of my children needs to stay home from school. I can take care of and I’m still working on my business. I wake up excited every morning. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment I get when I learn something new or master a new skill.”


To build a successful online business, you need to know where to start and how to move from one step to the next in easy-to-understand language.

The SBI! The software tools provide everything you need to consistently and professionally build an online business.

Includes domain registration, easy-to-follow site building tools, website hosting, optimized and quality content creation and analytics, keyword research, traffic building, link building, search engine submissions to marketing, pay per click and monetization of your website.

Build it yourself! action guide

The Action Guide (in written and video format) includes:

* Brainstorming and keyword research tool

*Website Builder (no knowledge of HTML required)

*Built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization (to rank high in search engines)

* Integrated social media marketing

*Private forums focused on success

*Dedicated support 24/7

Thousands of people around the world have started and succeeded in building their online businesses using SBI!

Case study:

Gerhild Fulson Just Build It! Review


“How hard can it be?” Gerhild Fulson thought when she volunteered to build a web presence for the ministry she and her husband had founded in Germany. She chose a recipe site as her “boot camp.”

A few years into his webmastering career, a light bulb went off in his head. His recipe site had enough business potential to raise all the necessary funds for his ministry, if only he would treat it like a business.

Once he changed his mindset from “building a website” to “building a business”, the profits began to skyrocket. He redesigned and rebranded his web presence, gained a massive following on Facebook and Pinterest, added a store, and now sells more digital cookbooks than ever before. He also began selling print-on-demand items such as t-shirts and mugs.

“Most importantly, since I really enjoy everything I do, I will continue to do it, along with my husband. With an online business, as long as there is the Internet, there is no telling where we will go.” “

“The alternative? Since I’ll soon be 70 and my husband is 80, should we be sitting in those proverbial rocking chairs? I think not.”

The Aspiring Entrepreneur

When you create an e-business, you are building an asset that makes you money.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have the desire to own a business and the creative spirit to turn that interest into financial gain by investing in ideas and ways to make money.

Financial freedom gives you the freedom to choose to live the lifestyle you want.

It is the way to pursue dreams and improve your mental, physical, social, financial, intellectual, creative and spiritual quality of life.

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