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If there’s one exciting change coming to the third game in the Fable series, it’s the addition of a complex yet immersive marriage system. In this role, your playable hero can court and marry non-playable characters and even players you meet through Xbox Live. Marriage is a great experience in the game, allowing you to fight monsters and enemies with a partner. In addition, you can have your own children in the game, whom you must feed and take care of so that they grow up and be good young people. This is another reason why you have to buy Fable 3 and see what’s in store.

The marriage in Fable 3, however, has its drawbacks. An ideal move is to earn as much money as you can and marry a wealthy character. This is for practical reasons and not class discrimination. In the game, if you marry a character, both bank accounts are merged into one, and if you file for a divorce, your money will be divided in two. The game also allows you to marry multiple partners at the same time, but there is a chance that the partner in the game will experience the disadvantage of being a third wheel in the Marriage system and file a divorce, thus cutting your bank savings in half. .

The game developers try to incorporate real-life elements into the marriage system in Fable 3. It teaches players how to weigh the pros and cons of living a married life. This shows how the game strives for mixed realism in a gigantic magical world. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Fable 3 now!

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