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The strength of a particular trademark is measured according to the Continuum of Distinctiveness & Descriptiveness. At the far left of that continuum are fanciful brands, which are possibly the strongest type of brands to present. Filing such marks increases the likelihood that a mark will be registered (provided, of course, that the mark is legally available).

What is a fancy brand?

Here’s what the USPTO says:

“The fancy marks included terms that were invented for the sole purpose of functioning as a trademark or a service mark. Such marks included words that are unknown in the language (eg, PEPSI, KODAK, and EXXON) or that are completely out of the ordinary. usage. (for example, FLIVVER) “.

Basically, fancy trademarks are made up words or words that are considered archaic.

Should you choose a fancy brand?

While great trademarks are by far the strongest types of trademarks, does it necessarily mean that you should choose a great word for your service or product? This is something you will need to decide in terms of your industry, your customers, your competitors, your customers, and your overall plans.

Fancy trademarks do not necessarily “tell” a person what the product or service is, so informing the public of that may require extensive work on your part.

How do I create a fancy brand?

A creative and fanciful brand is similar to creating a business name. You will need to take into account all the issues described above (industry, customers, plans, etc.). But when it comes to fancy brands, it really takes your imagination. Here are some helpful guidelines:

1) Write down all the adjectives you want your customer to associate with your product or service.

2) Research Your Competitors – How Often Are Great Words Used? Do most of your competitors use descriptive terms? What kind of keywords / key phrases are used when searching for your product or service online?

3) What is the personality of your business? Is it serious and formal? Is it fun and original? Describe your business as if it were a friend of yours.

Those are just a few ways to find the “feeling” you want your product or service to convey. Now when it comes to actually creating the fancy brand, you can read archaic word dictionaries if you want to go down that path.

If you want a completely made-up word, think of words and letters in terms of appearance and sound. For example, many pharmaceutical companies use common sounds (for example, Vs, Xs, and Zs are often used). Start with combinations of two or three letters, and most of all, have fun with them!

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