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Self-esteem is an important factor in a teenager in his social life and time of mental growth. In their adolescent stage, they grow the foundation of self-esteem for a lifetime. And we may know that there are many factors that affect the self-esteem of adolescents. Children begin to develop self-esteem from a very young age. Parents, friends, teachers and television contribute a lot, without realizing it, to their mental development. Now let’s know the factors that affect the following:

Physical Image Factor- One of the main factors that affect the self-esteem of a teenager is the concept of beauty. Children from infancy onward may feel some people’s preferences when dealing with more attractive children. It is true for the children themselves: children of the same age prefer to associate with more handsome children than with deformities or physical problems. Teasing and bullying can be very damaging to a teen’s self-esteem.

Family support –family support and encouragement can actively shape adolescents’ self-esteem. It may seem like teens are embarrassed by displays of affection from family members and relatives, but these displays actually play a vital role in keeping them grounded and confident in themselves. A lot of open communication from parents and some family members can help provide a sounding board for rants and expressions of emotional feelings like hurt, sadness, and anger. Giving children the necessary love and care that they need and seek will prevent them from looking elsewhere.

Include yourself in activities that you are good at or enjoy doing-Participating or having an active role outside of the lessons is good for developing adolescents’ self-esteem. This encourages them to interact and mingle with other teens. This also gives kids a chance to excel at something, which can be very good for teens’ self-esteem. Find something that interests you and give it a try to see if you can excel at it and we must remember not to be easily discouraged by initial failures.

Get an idea of ​​who you are-It can be a tough job for teens as they are just figuring out how to deal with adolescence, but you can get an idea of ​​your goal in life and start from there. By the time you are a teenager, you may have definite likes and dislikes, as well as a clear idea of ​​what you want to be or what field interests you. Having a clear goal in life is a great benefit for adolescents’ self-esteem.

Realizing that you have a problem with your self-esteem is one step closer to doing something about it and we must keep one thing in mind, change is possible whatever our current situation. I wish you good luck on this path of having improved adolescent self-esteem.

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