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The kitchen is the area where the mother improvises. Color selection should involve imagination on how to produce good food that correlates with the color scheme in the kitchen.

The kitchen area is probably one of the easiest rooms in the house to successfully use the cool color scheme. Because there are many already great components that must inevitably be included to form the functional framework of this particular room.

Much of the kitchen is composed of hard materials, with metal kitchen utensils and machinery, stoves and sinks, cabinets and wooden countertops. Also natural surfaces such as granite, stone and reflective glass and tiles.

To maximize the cool look, you need to focus attention on those elements. Use cool color accents or simply focus color in a single area to change the visual texture. Color combinations should reflect the nature of the hard components: silver and aquamarine with satin aluminum, blue and white checkered or striped with chrome and glacier blue and clear white with frosted glass and light wood.

One way to approach the cool color theme for the kitchen is to focus on a particularly effective material, such as metal, and pair it with a single color, such as metallic blue paint, to produce a streamlined finish, showing as few extras as possible. visuals.

Alternatively, soften the presentation by introducing patterned fabrics and tiles, special paint effects and sculpted work units. Just because this is a cool scheme doesn’t mean you have to ditch all the fabric, but rather to keep pace by avoiding big patterns and keeping the tailoring sharp.

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