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When a business isn’t making enough profit, it can have a negative impact on everyone, from the cashier who gets fewer hours and a shorter paycheck that doesn’t cover the bills, to the customers who notice higher prices or less money. quality. on products Before reaching this point, owners often start looking for solutions that are proven to drive business. Leading experts agree that these five tips can increase a company’s sales in just one week.


One of the first things consumers notice before walking into a business is the appearance. Owners are encouraged to take a good look at their commercial building for a client. Is the paint chipping and peeling? Is the sidewalk cracked and in dire need of repair? Does it look appealing or does it make customers want to try somewhere else first?

Homeowners who ask themselves these questions and find they need a makeover are encouraged to do so. Commercial painting services are available at affordable costs, and the simple act of painting a business building can increase the likelihood that customers will walk in.

friendly staff

After customers notice a new commercial paint job and walk into the business, it’s the staff’s job to keep them there. Owners must visit businesses regularly to check on staff. When customers enter a building, they should be greeted with a smile and asked if they need help. A business that hosts dinners should ask customers if they would like to sit down and offer to take their coats. These small, kind gestures will help keep customers from going elsewhere and can ensure they become loyal customers who keep coming back.

High quality

Once customers have made their purchase, they will either enjoy the food on the spot or go home to see your product one more time, depending on the type of business. Every company must exceed basic standards in this area. Every item, be it food or clothing, should be a high-quality product that the owners are proud of. If the food doesn’t taste good or isn’t cooked fresh, customers may be willing to head down the street for a burger they like, even if it costs more.


After the first remodel, owners must perform routine maintenance on the commercial building and parking lot. Whether it needs a fresh coat of paint or concrete repair, it needs to be taken care of to help maintain the same level of curb appeal. When business owners refuse to hire a paint specialist or do the work themselves, the business appears to be unsuccessful. Customers don’t want to spend their money on a business if no one else is.

Good customer service

The way issues are handled has the potential to turn a dissatisfied customer into someone willing to give the company another chance. Instead of arguing with disgruntled customers, staff should develop a “customer is always right” mentality. Another great way to instill this attitude in your staff is to remind them that customers are the reason they are there. Without clients, there is no business in which they can work.

How to increase sales may be as simple as painting the exterior of the building, or everything from the building to the attitude of the staff may need a makeover. Companies are guaranteed to see an increase in sales within the first month of implementing these five changes.

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