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Now there are a large number of applications and software that provide subliminal messages that you can use for various purposes. The most common products are those that help people lose weight, attract wealth, or curb bad habits such as alcoholism or smoking.

But there may be many other personal development goals that you want to achieve, and the subliminal apps available today may not be the most effective for such unique goals.

So why don’t you try making your own subliminal CD?

1. Learn how they work. If you don’t know how subliminal messages are absorbed and take effect, you won’t be able to create effective suggestions.

2. What do you mean? Next, figure out what goal you want to achieve and what you want to tell yourself to achieve it. You have to present a message that is positive, reasonable, proactive and action oriented.

The way these messages work depends a lot on how you choose and construct the wording of your messages. So make sure you choose words that are positive; it is also better to use the present tense at all times. There are also some words that have negative connotations, such as “quit,” so you should avoid those words as well.

This is the most difficult part of the process as you have to be very specific and very particular in your use of words. Some words/phrases can be interpreted in different ways, and since you have no control over how your mind absorbs these words/phrases, you cannot know for sure if you conveyed the correct message. That is why it is important to use words that can only be interpreted in one way.

3. Look for software to create subliminal messages. Then you have to find and choose the right software to create your own subliminal CD. There are many such programs, but not all of them have the same functions. They also differ in price. This means that you have to go through a selection process before buying. Always give importance to ease of use, and if you are on a low budget, ease of use.

4. Choose your audio or video. Finally you have to choose the song or video that you want to use for your subliminal CD. Ideally, it should be a song or video that appeals to you so that you want to listen to it many times.

When looking for software, make sure you choose one that offers subliminal video recording if you want to make subliminal videos, not just audio. Both video and audio files can be stored on CD or DVD for easy viewing or listening.

After you have chosen, the process will finally start.

5. Listen/watch religiously. After your program has successfully created your own subliminal CD, it won’t be effective if you don’t use it often. You should at least schedule a few sessions each job.

The power of subliminal persuasion has gained a lot of attention lately. And if you want to enjoy the fullness of that power, you have to face the challenge with conviction and determination.

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