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If you like a shy guy, know that he will take time to open up. But, he is also a normal person under that wall of shyness. You need to approach these situations with care because if you are too direct it can scare them. If you’re sure the guy likes you too, I suggest you ask the shy guy out instead of waiting for him to ask. He will be more than glad you did. Here are some smart tips that can help you talk to a shy guy:

Approach him and start a little conversation:

Get close to him when he’s not around too many people. Start a quick conversation and talk about things that are quite impersonal. This way they will feel comfortable responding and you can break the ice.

Smile at him every time you see him:

After you’ve already approached him once and introduced yourself, smile every time you see him. This will also make him feel safe to approach you.

Talk to him whenever you have the opportunity:

Get close to him whenever you can and talk to him for a bit. This will help create a bond and may open up a bit for you.

Drop clues and judge their reactions:

When you notice that she is opening up a bit, take the issues from the impersonal level to the staff. Talk about the things you both look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Tell him you’re looking for someone like him.

Don’t make him feel uncomfortable when you ask him out:

This is important. Don’t ask him out when he’s surrounded by friends, as he might feel uncomfortable. When they say yes, decide where to go for a date.

Take it to a place that matches your taste:

You may not like going to public places. Have her decide, or you can suggest a place where the two of you can eat and talk quietly. In short, keep the date as simple and match your taste. You want to look attractive and not look pretty for the date, so keep your accessories and makeup to a minimum.

Boost his ego and make him feel safe:

Shy guys are mostly a little short of confidence. You can boost his ego by appreciating him from time to time. You can also ask him to help you with homework or something else to make him feel more competent. This will increase his confidence and bring him closer to you.

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