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We are an India based Exporter and Supplier of Natural Stones like Sandstone Slabs, Limestone Tiles, Granite, Marble, Slate Stone for Flooring, Pavers, Landscaping Pebbles, Mosaic Patterns and Decorative Stone Garden Items for buyers from all over the world. Association with several mining factories and more than hundreds of mining quarries that we are exporting on a large scale in about 25 countries around the world. We at Diaminshine are working as an exporter trader since 2008 based in Udaipur (Rajasthan), corporate sales and marketing office in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and Vadodara (Gujarat). We mainly gain experience in sourcing quality granite, marble, sandstone and slate. and North and South Indian limestone slabs and tiles. We have an alliance with factories strategically located near quarries that help us provide better quality output materials at lower prices. We strongly believe in best-in-class quality and prompt service standards. This helps us gain the trust of our national and international clients.

Marble is metamorphosed limestone, that is, limestone that has been melted down and allowed to solidify again. If the original limestone is a calcite limestone, then the marble is a calcite (ie mainly CaCO3) marble; if the original limestone is a dolomitic limestone, then the marble is a dolomitic or magnesian marble (ie, mainly CaMg(CO3)2). In non-geological contexts, the term marble is often used to refer to any hard calcite rock that can be cut or polished, including some non-metamorphosed limestones. In geology, however, it is strictly reserved for metamorphosed limestones.

Certain marbles have been valued since ancient times for sculpture and architectural uses. Marbles prized for statuary are usually quite pure (i.e., white in color and free of inclusions or markings) and reflect light smoothly or semi-translucently due to their property of allowing incident light to penetrate to a depth of about one inch (1-2.5 cm) before

Some marbles that show colorful patterns are used for decorative architecture. Patterns in marble arise from various trace minerals, most often silicates (eg, quartz, olivine, garnet), graphite, pyrite, and organic substances. The magma responsible for the metamorphosis of the original limestone can also contribute impurities.

Wrinkled thin layers that show up in cross section as sinuous lines are common in marbles. These layers are called stylolites. Stylolites consist of silicates or other accessory minerals and are usually darker than the surrounding marble. They do not form as sedimentary layers in the original limestone, but instead result from the selective removal of limestone by water. Calcite is a highly soluble mineral; When part of the original limestone dissolves due to water infiltration, the fine particles that remain are compacted into an irregular layer or stylolite. Comparison of accessory mineral concentrations in adjacent marble and in stylolites shows that 40% or more of a limestone bed can dissolve in the process of stylolite formation.

diamin shine India offers the widest range of Indian and International Stones i.e. Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Limestones, Paving, Rainforest Marbles, Slates, Quartzites, International Stones, Imported Marble and Granite Importers in India Granites international brands and our exclusive product “Indus Beige”. Stones of various colors and textures have been used in homes, offices, hotels, and many other places for decoration, mosaics, and flooring for a long time. The manhole trend remains an unstoppable force, with connoisseurs willing to shell out big bucks to take advantage of the finest stones and add a layer of elegance to their living space. Diamin shine is one of the best importers of imported marble and granite from India. Imported marble is one of the best heat resistant marble, it is the oldest and best quality imported marble. The excellent characteristics of imported marble, such as fine finish, smooth polishing and aesthetic appearance, make its demand in the market. The acquisition of Diamin Shine comes directly from the company’s own mines and manufacturing plants in the main marble city of Makrana.

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