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Many books and essays have been written on the control of human populations, so what I am about to say is not some secret or silly “Illuminati Conspiracy Theory” – that’s the way it is, so no one should be surprised too. Some might say that humans are naturally lazy, or perhaps like every other species on this planet, their genes are hardwired to conserve energy, so the entire organism works to maximize efficiency. So of course this is what humans do. Okay, so let’s talk, okay?

Human nature dictates that humans will do the least and try to get the most, we know that. Unless there’s a fear factor or a fire burning beneath them, they generally won’t be overly motivated to do much of anything. Does this mean that humans are lazy, or smart, or both, or perhaps they are simply exercising their natural instincts in their highly modified habitat: our modern society? Therefore, we should not expect humans to be productive except for their own benefits without ample motivation, inspiration, incentive, or reward.

Now, what we get as a society is what we reward. If we want people to think more, then we must reward them for it, or they will stop thinking, bad for them, good for those who wish to control and dominate them. Okay, if we punish, attack or marginalize those who think, then we will have fewer of them.

Right now, we pretend to reward those in college who answer all the questions to the required dictation, and we reward them with corporate jobs, as if they are the ultimate goal and the epitome of success, but they are not. These people are just being used as “work units” to make the system work, by those who understand how it really works and make the system work in that vicious circle.

Think of military personnel, they risk their lives, almost die, and get what; in medal? But according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they also get “respect from their peers,” just like in college, respect for going through the process and doing it well.

I would tell you that the smartest of them all don’t give a damn about all that, they do it for themselves, and when college professors can’t answer their question, they do one of two things; they study on their own to supplement their instruction when time permits, or they go away and see the system for what it is. In fact, I hope you will please think about all this, not seriously; Think of humans!

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