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Are McDonald’s and Burger King the only teen jobs out there? Not even close. If you want to average more than $ 10 an hour, choose your own schedule and have a little fun … then read on!

Here are 5 unique jobs for teens to earn money:

1) Writing articles

Do you know how many websites there are? Millions! The Internet is definitely the business way of the future. One of the best (and cheapest) ways for website owners to attract more customers to their websites to Free is writing and submitting articles.

But business owners are busy people and may not have the time or desire to write articles. That’s where you come in! You can offer to write articles (around 400 to 500 words) for small website owners. Typically, you can be paid between $ 10 and $ 20 per item.

Some of the article directories I have had the most success with include:

EzineArticles (of course!)


and Wiki.com

Can you guess the best part of writing articles for cash? You can do it from anywhere, at any time. No more ugly uniforms or stinky shifts.

2)Conducting Online Surveys

You won’t make millions completing surveys, but it is an easy way to earn money quickly. Companies will pay you to complete short surveys or test their products.

They want to choose your brain on what you like and what you don’t like!

One of the best and fastest paid survey sites is Cash Crate. It doesn’t cost a penny to sign up and you can start earning money right away. But here is a warning: Set up a separate email account because you will start to get a flood of spam.

3) Clean up after people’s pets

You’ve probably heard of pet sitting or dog walking, right? Well this is a new twist.

I own a condo complex and hire a local teenager to pick up the dog once a week. It takes less than an hour for $ 15. It may not be the most glamorous job, but a spoiler scooper makes it easy to do, and you never run out of work!

This service is especially useful in colder climates. As the snow melts, there are many business opportunities!

4) Washing, waxing, or detailing people’s car in their driveway or at work

I do not know how it happened …

But my cat was accidentally locked in the van overnight. I can’t tell you how horrible the smell is! I would pay Big money for someone else to clean up the mess.

This is a great way for high school teens or college students to earn money. You could even advertise with local businesses and make your cars shine in the parking lot while they work.

5) Sell ​​handmade items on Etsy

This is my favorite way to earn money for teenagers. And I found out recently!

It reminds me of how eBay works, but it is for handmade items. So if you have a knack for making anything … from furniture to baked goods to dog collars then you can sell them on this site.

They have over a million visitors looking to buy. Registration is free, but costs 30 cents to list items and a 3.5% sales tax on items sold.

Works for me! These are just some of the ways to earn money like teen jobs.

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