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Have you ever considered owning rental properties, but were unsure of the problems and legalities of the rental business? If so, I’m sure I have the perfect book for you, one that will help you stay out of trouble and avoid being taken to the dry cleaner. The book is called;

“Manage rental properties for maximum profits; Save time and money with Greg Perry’s foolproof system for buying the right properties, finding and keeping good tenants, getting paid on time, fixing and maintaining your properties, handling complaints from Renters, Keeping Good Records, and More More “by Greg Perry; Prima Publishing, United States (1993); ISBN: 1-55958-572-2.

This book explains how to evict bad tenants and how not to get them in the first place. It explains the tricks of advertising for the best tenants, so you can protect your properties, collect rents without problems, and run a rental business without problems. Greg explains to the reader the goal of putting his properties on Auto Pilot and improving his cash flow in the process.

Everything in this book has been great advice and Mr. Perry really knows what he’s doing. Although this book was written more than a decade ago, all the advice on how to deal with tenants and tenants is timeless. There are chapters on record keeping, small claims courts, and property sales as well. Mr. Perry at the time he wrote the book owned more than 50 properties and was a teacher at a community college in Oklahoma.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who owns rental properties or is considering renting any of their existing properties. It also serves as a great guide for those who are considering investing in rental properties. So please think about this.

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