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As a writer on the power of chakra healing through imaginative use of the language of storytelling, poetry, song, and art, I pay attention to words and the invitations of words. This is especially so when others who invite chakra healing are, in my opinion, unaware of the words they use. I recently came across this headline: –

Kundalini awakening: the body’s secret weapon

This is a great invitation to open and align the chakras, but I think it is spoiled by its wording, which in a subtle way invites the idea of ​​the body as a weapon. Remember that the Path of Chakra Healing is the invitation to feel connected with the energy of the subtle body. The word weapon is defined in the New Oxford Dictionary of English as follows:

a thing designed or used to inflict physical harm or physical pain.

Unlike other words that might be more open to interpretation, this is the only definition of the word “weapon”. Words are the on’s way of constructing intention. Weapons are generally used as an expression of the will to power, which is an immature and even diseased dynamic of the personal power chakra (third chakra). The Kundalini force is the invitation to be aligned with the power to love and beyond that it is within you. I think it would have been more attractive if this headline said

Kundalini awakening: the secret power of the body.

This is a real power but, like any power, it can become a power for good or evil. When I use the word “good” here, I use it because it is related to the experience of transcendence beyond the separate sense of self. The idea of ​​good versus evil is essentially a second chakra dynamic that is transcended through the will to love and beyond.

This power is an internal power of the body. It is secret, but it is not a weapon, although this Kundalini awakening power has the ability to cause harm to those whose body and mind are ill-equipped to contain the experience of the limitless within the limits of the body. It is also important that one be pure of any sense of ego or narcissistic self-interest in pursuing this power for their own purposes. This Kundalini awakening power is not just a secret power, it is a sacred power. It is the power of co-creation and is meant to be used for the highest good of all.

The words you use to feed your mind are very important. This tends to be disregarded. People use words in a very unconscious way, like the one above. When I invite a deeper understanding of this topic, I tend to find that it causes a defensive reaction. I have been told, “It’s just a word.” Let me share with you a few words of power.

You have wings

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

You were born with potential. You were born with kindness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born great. You were born with wings. It’s not made for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly!

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

The awakening of the Kundalini experience is the invitation to fly. It is the movement from the sense of being separate from the earthbound self (crawling) to learning to connect with the high energy of kundalini. Rumi’s earlier poem contains no invitation to use the body as a weapon. The inner body has secrets that are revelations. These are revelations that arise from the connection with the subtle body that moves within and through the physical body.

This is the deepest and most refined movement of energy that is alchemyized by the practices of acceptance, allowing, tenderness, kindness, commitment, and letting go. None of these words are invitations for the body to be a secret weapon. The chakra healing process is more of a form of bodily surrender. You put down all your weapons and your defenses. The use of the word “weapon” is the same approach that we apply when we use the phrases

War on drugs. War against cancer Fight against disease.

This is a very dualistic approach and a second chakra dynamic. It is the focus on trying to get rid of something by destroying it. This is all the difference in the world between destroying energy and alchemying it. In fact, as quantum mechanics assures us, energy cannot be destroyed. While forms created from energy can be destroyed, the energy that makes up the form cannot be destroyed. It simply changes from one form to another or returns to the formless from which all the forms arise.

To follow The Path of Chakra Healing, one is required to be aware of the thoughts it invites to fuel one’s energy system. This is true even in a word. The power of Kundalini is very powerful. It is the power of love. As that power becomes more and more refined, it rises and expands in the knowledge that you are Love itself. This consciousness is based on the inner body. There is room for effort here, but not for weapons.

Choose your words well because they will become what they invite. This is the power of affirmation, which is the power of words allied with feeling. Do not invite any secret power that is imagined as a weapon because under spiritual laws that weapon will turn against you. This is not a punishment, but the balance of energy. Invite surrender and not power. The awakening of the Kundalini force begins at the root chakra and moves upward. It is a secret power, but it is most available to those who approach it through the attitude of a surrendering body.

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