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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a huge house maintained by someone else? In fact, your rabbit would also love to live in a large cage; It would take a bit of work on your part to keep it in good shape. If you love your pet rabbit and want to keep it healthy, then you should get a bigger cage. Below are 3 ways large rabbit crates can help your rabbit.

1. Generally, the rule of thumb is to buy a cage that is 4 times the size of your rabbit; however, you should know that you will also need a place for a food bowl, a water dispenser, and space for toys. You can put straw on the floor of the cage. Your rabbit will also grow over time and all of these things will take up a lot of space in the cage. A larger cage will allow you to store all the items in the cage without disturbing your rabbit while he has fun exploring.

2. Rabbits jump naturally and a small cage will limit the rabbit’s movements. This can lead to muscle aches and your rabbit will eventually get stiff and sad in a small cage and won’t be able to complain to you. A larger cage will also allow for more waste before you need to clean it. A well-constructed cage with a piece of vinyl flooring over the wire or wood floor will keep it clean at all times and help keep your rabbit healthy and keep the cage odor-free.

3. If you get a bigger cage, your rabbit won’t be scared or crowded when it’s inside. This will lure your rabbit back into its secure cage when outdoor playtime is over. You won’t need to force your rabbit back into his cage because he will happily jump into his house to get a good night’s rest after playing with your family. Stay away from rabbit cages with chicken mesh or cages with bare metal wires on the bottom, as these can damage your rabbit’s hocks. Wooden cages with chew-resistant wire are also great and you can make your own over a weekend. Your rabbit will be over the moon, especially if you go all out and buy or build a duplex rabbit cage with a rabbit run.

Your pet rabbit also needs the freedom to move easily inside rabbit cages. This will allow you to move around without fear of harm and will help keep your health in good order. You must worry about the future of your rabbit and buy or make a large cage that is only limited by what you are willing to spend and the space inside your house. Your rabbit will be so pleased that it will jump happily into the cage while it will be a great pet for many years to your family.

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