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Michael hutchence – January 22, 1960

Australian rock star and INXS frontman who tragically committed suicide at age 37.


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Life Path Number: 21/3

Life Path 3 offers the opportunity to create (at any level), radiate beauty and harmony, and express yourself fully.

The challenge of this path can begin early in life, as a Three is often born into a family where the free expression of emotions is inhibited. In addition, there may be indifference or even strong resistance to the creative abilities or aspirations that the child may have.

Many Life Path 3s are drawn to careers in the performing arts, particularly dance; the total expression of body and mind.

They must work to resolve their inhibitions and explore the deep reservoir of their emotions. They just have to experience the joy of being with friends to remember their own potential to amuse, awaken and inspire the world around them.

A Life Path 3 must avoid pettiness and superficiality. They need to discipline their energies and resist over-spreading their talents. All three often run with the ‘crowd’ and when not in harmony they can squander talent on complacency, luxury, and pseudo-sophistication.

Passive characteristics

Possible additional challenges in a passive 3 personality are: Lack of concentration; inability to fully develop creative potential; gloomy, lack of imagination.

Line of weakness: the skeptic’s line

This missing line has to do with the willingness of the person to accept what cannot be proven by scientific means, that is, religion, spirituality or the occult. The person can display skepticism on either end of the spectrum, going from a total skepticism of anything metaphysical to an enlightened and open-minded approach to the mysteries of existence … and can alternate between the two at different times in their lives. .

22 energy: Those with 22 in their number are generally gifted with special tendencies toward leadership and inspiration that set them apart from most others. Because these numbers possess heightened vibration and potency, those who possess them have the potential to transcend the normal limitations of the numbers 1 through 9 and function at a higher vibrational level.

21/3 way of life: Creativity, emotional expression, balance and cooperation in support of people or causes, and use their energy in a positive way to teach, uplift and inspire. To face the inevitable challenges on their life path, 3/21 need courage to overcome the insecurity and self-doubt that can get in the way and they need to learn to channel their creative and emotional energies in a positive way. Otherwise, when overwhelmed by doubt or insecure, they may tend to discharge their energies in self-destructive ways, through alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. If you suppress your emotional expression, you experience that suppression in your body as physical tension or a variety of other symptoms. Those who work 3/21 are among the most well-rounded, versatile, and creative people on Earth. They can invent, innovate, synthesize or package impressive work in any field of activity. They can express their creativity in any form or material, and the spirit of their message will continue to appear.

They can respond to feelings of insecurity associated with creative energy by developing a brave but false compensatory personality of dry intellectualism or an outgoing and overconfident bravado to veil a sensitive self, fighting doubt. Most of the 21/3 tend to emotional need. They should focus on releasing their emotions to others as they tend to hold back. They achieve expressive honesty by confronting and revealing their own emotional nature, integrating the sensitive parts of themselves that they have disowned for fear of appearing too weak or needy. Although they may feel needy, they are certainly not weak. They need to show and express their fears, their anger, their pain and their joy, becoming emotionally present and real. When they do, their bodies also open up, relax, and rejuvenate. However, such a self-disclosure is no small task for 3/21.

Tea Spiritual law,tea Act of action * It is key to clearing shadows from the subconscious, such as the fear of exploding with anger or collapsing in pain, which drowns out emotional expression.

This is one of the strongest physical patterns, with the vigor and energy of 2 and 1. However, if you suppress your feelings, it is like plugging a volcano; your body feels the effects. When you keep your energy flowing through expression, you can enjoy exceptional health.

* The Law of Action: It is better to do what we have to do than not to do it and have a good reason. Thousands of motivational speakers thunder out passionate and eloquent ideas like this just to inspire us to get off the couch and make a new life, to put in a little effort, some will, some discipline. Still, most of us act only when emotional, mental, or physical pain becomes so intense that we have to. Let’s change this. Recognize that action and change require initial discomfort, effort, and energy. If you allow yourself to feel the feelings that arise along the way, instead of fighting against them, and even expressing them, then the discomfort is not so serious. Sometimes you need to stop thinking, feel the feelings, and just do it!

Birth name: Michael Kelland John Hutchence

Expression number 1:

He is a brave and born leader who is not afraid to make things happen. The penultimate in self-expression of a number 1 is the external manifestations of success: rewards, recognition, and material abundance.

He is naturally aggressive by nature, but with a charm and a talent for persuasion that tempers him. It is an amazing project manager and multitasker. For this reason, many thrive in positions where they take on the lead role.


Born in Sydney and raised in Hong Kong, he began his acting career at the age of 8. Upon returning to Sydney, he met his bandmates at school, his first band was called The Farriss Brothers. They later became INXS and in 1980 they released their first album. A talented songwriter “genius”, he co-wrote most of his songs with Andrew Farriss. Although he was the enigmatic and sensual leader of the group, his friends said that he was actually much more introverted.

In 1990 another album was released, X, which was very successful, but the next one, released in 1992, failed. That year Hutchence suffered an incident involving him and a Danish taxi driver crashing his bicycle. Apparently he pulled out a knife. Later he became depressed and aggressive. His love affairs over the years were widely reported in the press. Most were actresses, models, and singers. Other albums were released to critical acclaim but with less commercial success.

In the mid-90s, his relationship with Kylie Minogue ended and he began dating Paula Yates. He met her when she was still married to Bob Geldof. When the press learned of his affair, the pressure was so intense that Hutchence once assaulted a photographer who was chasing him. Her split from Bob Geldof was made official, but around this time a bitter custody battle broke out for all three children: Fifi, Peaches, and Little Pixie. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence was born to Hutchence and Yates on July 22, 1996. She is also 22 years old and therefore will have the energy of the 22 master builder on her.

Tigre: July 22, 1996 – Life Path 9/36

– 6 – 99

22 – –

1 – 7

Elegantly Wasted was released in 1997 and INXS went on a world tour. But on the final leg of the tour, he was found dead in his hotel room on November 22, 1997. Never tear us Apart was performed at his funeral, and Nick Cave performed, demanding that the television cameras be turned off. And Bono wrote a song titled Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of, related to his apparent suicide.

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