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For new writers, sometimes it comes down to deciding what to write about. For many, we slowly came to the appreciation that we would love to become authors. Maybe growing up we wrote some poems or short stories. Now as adults after work we find ourselves with pen and paper or we were building a blog for some unknown reason and wondering if we could write a book. As we continue this thought process, we find that we have no idea what we would write.

This is a common occurrence even among seasoned professionals, so don’t take it too personally. You are one of many who get stuck early on or at some point in their career. So, what theme could you start your new profession with?

Here are some ideas that should get you off to a good start;

– Passion: Follow your passion, find something you love to do and start researching it. Find statistics, traditions, strategies, methods, procedures and more, and document it. You may discover some unknown facts and useful information that could really benefit your field.

– Profit: Find a profitable field to start, start by looking for new trends and traffic online and offline. These are great places to start, everyone is looking for information on new ideas, paths, trends, etc.

– Powerful: Go after the rich and powerful. This is usually a good place to start, find someone you like or dislike writing about. They usually have a huge following and can help propel you to famous or infamous stardom.

– Persuasive: choose an argument. Start a fight or make a statement and write a persuasive argument to support your opinion. You’ll find this easy if you choose something you believe in to talk about, rather than present it to a group or organization. This will also promote your writing quickly.

You can use one of these 4 places to start, over time they will help improve your writing experience and solidify your ideas about where you would like to focus your writing for the future.

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