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Almost all children have some kind of potty training problem. Potty training can be a good experience for children only if you can overcome their fears and help them discover how rewarding it can be.

We won’t always understand why our children don’t want to potty train, but there are some things we can do to solve their problems and help them potty on their own.

1. Ask why they won’t go

Many parents simply assume that their child resists potty training just because they don’t want to go to the bathroom on their own. Some children are afraid of the bathroom and others are simply not prepared. Asking your child is the easiest way to get to the root of the problem and comfort him accordingly.

2. make the bathroom interesting

There are some tricks to get your child interested in the bathroom. These things can keep your child on the potty until you feel like you can.

Some parents like to use the warm water trick. Fill a bucket with warm water and put some toys in it. The child will feel the need to leave as soon as he begins to play with the toys.

Other ideas might include songs or putting “targets” on the toddler potty.

3. Let your child get back to nature

Letting your child run naked in the open air can help increase his awareness of the feeling of having to go to the bathroom. They will see their own waste and realize the need to contain it.

If you’re having trouble potty training with your child, don’t worry. Resistance to potty training is normal and can be overcome with a little understanding and creativity.

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