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When making the investment in rubber flooring for your horse stable, make sure you buy the best product for the job. At first glance, you might assume that a horse mat is a horse mat and it doesn’t matter which one you get, but upon closer inspection, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best mat for your stables. Some of these include: revulcanized vs. straight edge vs interlocking doilies?

There are a number of reasons why revulcanized rubber is superior to agglomerated shredded rubber when it comes to barn flooring. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose revulcanized rubber flooring for most horse flooring applications:

  1. Polyurethane bonded mats can absorb animal fluids, while revulcanized mats do not absorb moisture.
  2. Animal fluids can cause the polyurethane binder to deteriorate creating wear spots as the crumb flakes off, revulcanized matting does not have this problem.
  3. Animal fluids trapped in the attached crumb mats can cause bacteria and bad odors.
  4. Revulcanized rubber floors are more durable and resistant than polyurethane-bonded rubber floors.
  5. Revulcanized mats will not curl, cold flow, or change shape as polyurethane-bonded mats can when under the temperatures and pressures of normal use.
  6. Revulcanized mats are made by chemically bonding rubber under extreme pressure and heat to create the most durable and dense mat possible, while polyurethane-bonded mats are glued and pressed under moderate pressure.

On the plus side, polyurethane-bonded crumb mats generally don’t have as much of a rubbery smell as revulcanized rubber mats.

It’s important to remember that companies that sell bonded crumb mats will not advertise them as such. Remember to ask if the mats are revulcanized at the time of quoting. Some companies will respond to this by saying, “Yes, these are recycled rubber mats”, however this is not the same thing. You can visually tell the difference between the two by the surface. When you look closely at a clinging crumb mat, you can see that it looks like bits of crumb gum stuck together. Revulcanized rubber mats have a smooth, non-porous surface.

When comparing prices, be sure to consider the shelf life of the product, the cost of shipping (this can be high for these heavy products), and the health of your horse and workers.

When making your investment in barn flooring, be sure to choose a product that will give you years of headache-free life. We stand behind our quality rug products with a solid guarantee. Join the many satisfied customers who have made Tradall their choice for heavy duty rubber mats.

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