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Valentine’s Day is a special time of year for elementary school children. In most schools they have a party that consists of handing out Valentine’s cards and then eating candy and playing games or watching a movie. It is a fun time for all children and it is a great way for parents to come into the classroom and see how their children are having fun.

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the cards that you give out to all your friends. The easiest way to handle these cards is to go to the store and buy a box of cards with your child’s favorite cartoon character. Adding the names will be the easy part and that is if your child chooses to do it. You can decide to name them and distribute them as you go.

If you choose to make the cards you buy from the store, you can still attach a candy to the card or you can include it in the envelope if they come with them. These candies can be just about anything you would like them to be and the kids will love them.

If you want to have a little fun with the holidays, you can go to the store and buy goody bags and fill them with fun things that the kids will enjoy. You can put a card in each one or have your child make them and use a tape to tape it to the outside of the bag. You can also include candy, a Valentine pencil, a fun eraser, and a cookie.

Another fun thing you can do with Valentine’s cards is to help your child create their own cards. You can do this with a program or you can create it yourself using a Paint program. The best thing to do is figure out what the size should be so that you can have four cards on one page and that way you can easily print them. You can add a picture, a few words, your child’s name and the name of the person who will receive the card. This is a great way to allow your child to get creative on this special holiday.

Children love Valentine’s Day mainly because of the sweets they receive from their friends and family. When you allow your children to be creative with the cards they give to their family and friends, they will enjoy it even more and that is a wonderful feeling for them.

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