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If your organization implements Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly also known as Great Plains Dynamics, as its corporate ERP system, and is expanding internationally, we would like to give you some ideas on translating Great Plains into a foreign language and implementing it internationally. You have to look at GP from two positions: first, interface translation and input and saving of local characters, and second, make your foreign subsidiary’s ERP application comply with the host country’s regulations and business practices (also known as localization). :

1. What languages ​​can be supported? There are ASCII table compliance restrictions. If your language does not support ASCII and requires support for Unicode characters, we do not recommend GP as it is its technology layer, Microsoft Dexterity does not support Unicode directly, at least at this time and for the foreseeable future. Unicode usually means hieroglyphs: Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The rest of the world, including languages ​​such as Arabic, Russian, Dari, Persian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Portuguese, could be translated and supported.

2. Translation technologies. We recommend that you review two methods. The first method is based on Great Plains Dexterity, where you open Dynamics.dic in Dex and then export string resources to a convenient file format (Excel for example), perform the required translation, and then distribute the custom Dynamics dictionary to your users. . The second method is to export strings from the Dynamics dictionary, translate them, and finally import them into the forms dictionary (if you plan to have modified reports, you must import strings associated with reports in Reports.dic). This second method requires a Customization Site Enabler license, however in our opinion it is preferable as you don’t have to expose your users to the bug fix cycle. The skill is more powerful and flexible, however it may require additional programming and debugging

3. How to enable saving of foreign characters in Microsoft SQL Server? This question has two parts. The first part is the compatibility with the characters of the Windows operating system, there are two options available: the first is to select the version of your local country in the Windows installation (this option will load Windows in your local language and automatically enables the input of characters compatible in Dexterity); the second is to enable foreign language in Windows language support (in control panel). The second part is to install MS SQL Server with collateral support in the local language. If you plan to host all of your Great Plains companies on the same server in the US, you must change the warranties for the foreign company database manually

4. Corporate ERP localization dilemma. Each accounting system has reasonable flexibility in configuration: tax (including sales tax and VAT or value added tax), the ability to provide a custom report of sales invoices (foreign countries may have unique requirements , related to the numbering of invoices, reports to the tax agency, etc.). In our experience, we do not recommend non-localized corporate ERP system in large countries, such as Brazil, China, Russia, India, and the reason is simple: large countries have all the points to consider themselves autonomous and develop complex regulation. . For smaller countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Lithuania, Poland, Uzbekistan, the compliance issue may be less of a concern as these countries often follow international GAAP standards.

5. And last paragraph: maybe Great Plains is already localized for your country? This corporate ERP application is available in most English speaking countries: USA, Canada (including French version for Quebec / Montreal), UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. It is also located in some of the Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, to name a few. There are also some types of Arabic localizations, available from various local resellers in the Middle East.

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