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Three-wheel cargo motorcycles are a versatile piece of equipment to simplify the process of making a wide range of deliveries. With a top speed of 25 to 80 kilometers per hour, these motorcycles have the ability to cover a large amount of ground while still traveling in the most compact and easy to maneuver vehicle. This type of vehicle will surely benefit in busy urban areas where it is more different to find adequate parking spaces.

Here are several benefits of using three-wheel cargo motorcycles:

accepts most cargo

This type of motorcycle is a versatile piece of equipment with the ability to accept a wide range of loads. Some of the most common cargoes include fruits, wood, metals, coal, water, fertilizers, and grain. The load capacity of these vehicles can easily reach 1,200 kilograms or more. The rear cargo area can be outfitted in a number of different configurations to ensure it is most practical for the intended load.

Most of these vehicles have an open rear with a lifting mechanism to facilitate the unloading of goods upon arrival at the delivery point. However, for certain loads, such as food, it is possible to have a completely closed rear section. Other configurations for the rear of the motorcycle include a lifting platform or seats to carry passengers.

Ready to use

The design of these cargo vehicles makes them easy to operate for anyone who has had experience with a motorized bicycle in the past. These motorcycles come standard with the electric/kick start system with a 5-speed transmission and run on gas or gasoline. Most passengers are ready to use this type of transportation after a short period of training.

they are cheaper

Three-wheel cargo motorcycles are much less expensive to purchase than a full-size delivery truck. Many of these motorcycles are priced from $600-$1650 to provide an economical solution for transporting cargo with great ease. In addition to initial investments, ongoing repair and maintenance costs are typically a fraction of keeping a truck on the road. Also, storage is less of an issue because these vehicles are small in size and only about 10-5 feet long by 4.5 feet wide.

Whether transporting goods or passengers, three-wheel cargo motorcycles provide a highly versatile mode of transportation that is perfect to use for lighter loads or when traveling through the most congested streets.

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