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TikTok Ad Library

The TikTok Ad Library, currently known as ‘Top Ads’, is a new tool that enables you to search for examples of best-performing ads on the platform. The capacity to filter ad examples by region and industry is especially useful in terms of providing inspiration for your own promotional campaigns. The Ad Library includes content that creators have disclosed as commercial through the Content Disclosure setting.

TikTok has a new Tiktok ADS Library that provides a range of ad examples that advertisers have used to promote their business on the platform. You can search the library by region and industry to get inspiration on how other businesses have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with TikTok ads. The ad library also offers some useful filters to help narrow down the results and find specific campaigns you’re interested in.

You can filter by the advertiser (name and registered location), the brand name tagged to the content by the creator, and by the date it was first shown, last seen or published. The library only includes content that the creator has disclosed as commercial through their content disclosure setting.

What Filters Are Available in the TikTok Ad Library?

Currently called ‘Top Ads’, the tool provides an excellent way to get inspiration on how other marketers are using TikTok for their advertising campaigns. You can filter ads by region and industry to see what’s working well in each area. You can also view details of each ad, including the brand name (if the creator has tagged a brand as the sponsor of their content), ad performance metrics and a link to the advertiser’s verified TikTok account. The library only includes content that the creator has disclosed as commercial through the content disclosure setting. It doesn’t seem to be fully complete yet, and some of the ad examples look like placeholders. But the capacity to filter by ad type and industry is valuable.

The AI Video Editor is a great tool for finding inspiration for your own ads. You can use the search filters to narrow down your results by ad type, region and industry. This allows you to find ads that are performing well in your industry and get ideas from them (for example, a certain goofy filter or camera angle that grabs people’s attention).

You can also use the Ad Library to see trending ads in your industry and region. This is an easy way to see what your competitors are doing, but be sure not to copy their ads directly (you’ll probably get #cancelled). If you find an ad that you really like, you can save it to Collections in the TikTok Creative Center to view it again later.

Another helpful feature in the Ad Library is keyword insights. This shows you the top keywords on Tiktok along with their average ad performance. You can filter by region, industry and objective and see more details about the top keywords by clicking on them. There is also a page for trends on Tiktok that shows you the top products in different regions. This is an interesting way to get inspiration for a product-based video, but be aware that social media trends move fast and the information here may already be outdated by the time you make your ad.

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