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Jewelry became available as a new profession with the BC expansion. At the moment, it is still one of the most popular professions in World of Warcraft. The main reason for this is a variety of powerful gems and various interesting items that a good jeweler can make.

With Jewelcrafting you can create unique gems for yourself. These gems are sure to boost your stats no matter what class you choose to play with. For example, any jeweler warlock will be able to increase his dps with gems that have additional spell power. This also applies to any other class or specification.

How to start?

To start your job as a jeweler, you need to start mining and prospecting for minerals. You will be able to choose how to level up in Jewelry and there are two ways: choose Mining as your second profession or visit the Auction House, buy lots of minerals and start prospecting. The AH option will appear to be more expensive, but it will take less time. However, the choice is entirely up to you.

With jewelry, as a primary profession, also comes prospecting. This ability is used to prospect for minerals and then extract gems.

At higher levels of jewelry you can make a special icy prism that has a cooldown of 20 hours. Each icy prism gives a jeweler a chance to mine a valuable or even epic gem. To create an icy prism, a jeweler will need some gems and a frozen orb.

What else is available for a jeweler?

As stated before, a jeweler can make valuable gems, but they can also make rings, trinkets, and necklaces. Your epic necklaces and rings are sought after among other players and therefore you can earn a lot of gold by selling them or just making them.

There are also some other useful items that a jeweler can make, such as stone statues. The little stone guardian can heal you once summoned. These stone statues can be very useful while leveling up or attacking you.

Jewelry = profitable?

Yes, jewelry is very profitable! When your character arrives in the Outlands, much of the team will have sockets available for gems. The plugs differ in the color of the gems that will be placed there: blue, yellow or red. A green gem, for example, can also be placed in a yellow or blue receptacle, the purple gem can be placed in blue or red, while the orange gem can be placed in a yellow or red receptacle.

At level 80 you’ll be able to play more heroic and join 10/25 man raids, which means you’ll find a better team on your way. Epic gear pieces that have plugs available definitely deserve the best gems and this is where a good jeweler can fit in. With the ability to create strong gems, a jeweler can make a good profit selling these gems in the AH or simply cutting them for others.

In order to learn new recipes, you need to perform the daily jewelry quests as often as possible. These quests can be obtained from Timothy Jones (Dalaran). By achieving them, you will get special tokens that can be used to buy rare jewelry recipes.

If jewelry is your choice for a major profession, rest assured that it will be a lot of fun to level it up, and that it will also be very profitable later on.

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