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Online marketing is difficult for anyone related to the real estate sector. Whether you’re an escrow officer, inspector or clerk, transaction coordinator, real estate agent, broker, painter, demolition, loan provider, etc., it’s hard to break into the real estate market. Learning how to increase your site’s ranking is something. However, learning how to develop presentations is another. So what tools can you use to create the information, view the content, and what portals are used to distribute the information?

One. Screenshot Movies – There are a number of possibilities available on the internet. There are some that are paid providers and some that are free. Jing is a free application developed by TechSmith. Just google the app to find it. Jing will help you take screenshots from a desktop. These days, every computer has a built-in camera. Jing is really easy to use, but Jing has limitations. The downside is that the free version simply allows you to record only 5 minutes of video time. So for short presentations or short lessons on how to send to affiliates or subcontractors, then Jing Basic works great. After setting up a Jing account and uploading your video, Jing will number the videos and allow you to upload screenshots with a specific web address for your video. If you want to document more than your five minutes, you need to upgrade to Jing Professional. At first, when I started, I used the free model. But trying to fit all your articles directly into a one-minute video is difficult. Also, if you do that, you’ll have a series of short videos to be able to post to Facebook (YT) or even Vimeo, which takes a lot more work. Last time I checked, Jing Pro is $15 a year. It is not a bad alternative for creating screen videos. A great additional feature is that you can upload directly to your YT account. Very easy. Keep in mind, though, that you can make videos up to a few gigabytes in size (regarding adding them to YT). You will have to get movies that generate enough traffic before YT will help you upload longer video tutorials.

Two. Camtasia Pro Recording: Camtasia is also through TechSmith. Brilliant device but requires much more technical training to be able to navigate. Much more features than Jing, but I use it almost daily. Whether I’m making a video tutorial or even providing a project to my personal marketing assistant (VA), this can be the best option for sure. It has every single feature involving Jing and more. For me, Camtasia Pro is like driving a Ferrari compared to Jing.

Three. Bitly: The days of building a website and thinking someone will just visit your site are over. Bitly is a web address shortener. Just set up a bitly account, join, type in your current website, and then it will give you the shortened, coded link. You can then get a new hyperlink to a web address that’s a little more unforgettable to suit your needs and your audience. Most do not understand the benefits of web address shorteners. In real estate we want to see our own efforts. With Bitly you can do that. Important if you really want to decide if your efforts are progressing. Later we will reveal many more tools that you can use. What resources are you using?

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