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No one can deny the need for mobile applications in our lives. While no business sector has stayed out of the mobile app development craze, it’s on-demand services, food and retail, and core industries like real estate that got the biggest chunk of the pie. Yes, it is also the retail property companies that made the most sales profit after the app revolution and saw their revenue increase dramatically. In regards to this, here is a comprehensive guide on how to make your own real estate transactions mobile with a useful app.

Trends observed in the purchase of real estate

-Most buyers first sneak onto the web or online portals to search for properties before looking for other sources like print ads, referrals, etc.

-Millennials rely more on searching online for essential details or information about a property

-People like to search for properties online because they can see a large number of properties.

Types of real estate application solutions

-Online property search app

-Solution of reservation of property

-Solution of the application for the rental of apartments

-Real estate management solution for owners

While these are the specific apps that can help both real estate business owners and buyers, let’s take a look at the key features that an app intended to help property and rental seekers should have.

Direct marketing method

The application must have a direct marketing approach to promote the owner’s properties. The app would list the properties in an elegant way with location, prices, property aspects, surrounding amenities, landmarks and other related information. In short, the app should be able to display all the properties in an accommodating and clear way so that buyers can know every minute about a property and can make the decision to choose one without any hassle.

Location tracking support

Mobile users are so used to the GPS or Global Positioning System aspect of navigating here and here that you need to sync your mobile real estate app with Google Map to help property seekers. The integration of the application with geolocation will easily help buyers to land on the Google map of the phone to know the exact route and the convenient mode of transport to the location of the property.

Easy to use user interface

You should keep in mind that a real estate app is not about showing brilliance and elegant design, but about ease of use. Therefore, just like any other user-centric application such as e-commerce booking taxi services online, your application must be user-friendly so that users can easily understand how to search for a property. An app’s simple user interface means fast property search, responsive search filter, hassle-free payments, and saving favorites or wish lists.

Possibility for customers to make inquiries

Lastly, don’t rule out the need for an in-app online consultation mechanism like live chat or email integration. It is imperative to respond quickly to clients who are interested in a property and want to know more than what is provided in the app. They may want to speak directly to the seller.

Real estate is a big and flourishing industry and to control all its potentials you also need a mobile application. It would help your business generate more income and grow by making your properties more accessible to potential clients. However, be sure to keep the mentioned features in mind while having your application designed by an application development company.

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