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Do you remember when you were a kid and the toys you played with?

It is a known fact that things that are presented to you as a child shape your childhood self-concept and develop your personality growth. You may find this to be true within a child’s psychological behavior.

A major factor contributing to this developmental factor has a lot to do with the toys your child plays with. For example, if you give your 7-year-old a puzzle, he has to think about where the pieces go to draw a picture.

Or you can give your child building blocks to put together. It’s called pictorial psychology. This allows your child’s mind to develop in logistics and creativity. Therefore, a puzzle or building blocks would be a good choice for your child to associate with.

Now if you give your child something less creative and more destructive, like a permanent black marker, expect the artistic demeanor to jump in and find drawings on every wall in your house. Although it may seem like a fun piece of art to your child, it defines more destructive behavior due to the fact that the end result is damaged home decor.

Lego toys are a great example to enhance your child’s self-concept. The reason is that your child can develop the mindset of an engineer and as long as you praise him for the work he has done, his self-concept will increase.

Your role as a parent has a lot to do with your child’s growth. When you participate with them as they discover their toys, you define leadership, mentoring, and group therapy.

The developmental stage of a child’s personality is based on the first 30 days from birth. Your character development is reflected within the first 90 days in reality.

Your children’s toys from the day they are born reflect the behavior they have until the day they leave. This is important because the toys they grow up playing with may be the same toys they play with for a lifetime, just on a different scale of satisfaction.

A good method to help your children develop a childhood self-concept and brain productivity, in addition to physical toys, is to read children’s books.

Children’s books help develop brain waves of intelligence. It also helps develop your child’s vocabulary. Along with verbal dictation, showing your child the pictures within the book will help align his creative side with the illustrative parts of the brain. It also helps increase memory capacity and retention. This is based solely on repetition.

The more exercise you give your child, the better off he will be. That is why the toys your child plays with have a lot to do with self-concept and personality growth up to the first 12 years of life.

Blackboards are good to help educate your children at a young age. Computerized toys that reflect education, or toys that give children something to think about and expand their thought process, is what you might want to investigate.

Little Einstein has been a popular toy for children to play with in today’s market. Teaching your child to play the piano at an early age will help him develop certain key factors to increase his self-concept in addition to the growth of his personality.

The action figures that you allow your children to play with will also have a positive or negative effect on those of your child due to the influence that toy may or may not have on your child.

Musical instruments, arts and crafts, and games and puzzles are great toys for your child to start working on or something to keep their mind busy enough to develop their skills and toddlers and toddlers.

Give your child a fun and exciting toy to play with and watch his personality and character develop into someone bright and intelligent, someone who could be just like you.


Joseph Schwartz

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