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Mysophobia in simple words is the fear of contamination. The person believes that they are in danger of coming into contact with contaminants and of becoming infected with dust and dirt. He showers several times a day, washes his hands, and wears gloves to protect them. He can use up to ten towels a day since he doesn’t use the same towel twice. The person has an unrealistic fear of being in danger and even the simple act of eating an apple requires washing the apple several times before eating it. If the person cannot satisfy their need to do this, they could have a panic attack.

symptoms of mysophobia

• The person has an unnatural fear of dirt and is constantly wiping and wiping down kitchen counters and dusting furniture.

• You become anxious and think you are going to die and have a hyperventilation attack in which you are out of breath, nauseated, unable to speak coherently, sweating profusely, and have a racing heart. Then he worries about his heartbeat and worsens the condition.

• You have been told several times that there is no danger, but because you have suffered from the disease for so long, you mistakenly believe that you can never be cured and live your life worrying about every little thing. Like the fear of heights or any other type of irrational fear when the person is having an attack it is impossible to talk to him when the panic begins. Even thinking about overcoming the problem can trigger anxiety.

hypnotherapy treatment

In short, the patient has a pattern of anxiety that must be changed. There is a fear of loss of control that could have started in the past and this needs to be addressed. Therapy in this sense is very helpful since the therapist can guide the patient through his fears when he is calm and the person sees that he has nothing to fear. The reality of him is recreated and his fear is minimized. If he sticks with the program, he can change the irrational fear that has plagued him all his life with healthy thoughts. It’s like reprogramming a computer; you erase the past and write a new chapter for yourself. The brain, like the motherboard, follows the new instructions and the person finally believes that his fear of germs and bacteria can be controlled. He can relax and separate normal fear from deep-seated panic and anxiety and take control of his life.

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