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Most of the Quibids strategies that are present online seem to speak to the obvious: try to bid last minute before time runs out or try to buy winning coupon deals first. All of these strategies work, but one must always understand the limitations of such tips. Quibids strategy varies by auction. If you plan to win a Quibids coupon of 15 deals, the Quibids strategy is completely different compared to if you want to win a Macbook or iPad from Quids.

Before you start bidding on Quibids, or indeed any other penny auctions, you should know and understand how these auctions work and how they are different from regular auctions. I would like to emphasize that in penny auctions like Quibids you can lose money without gaining anything, something that cannot happen, for example, on eBay. Therefore, you should invest money in Quibids only if you understand the risk.

Now that you’re ready to start bidding, here’s a list of Quibids strategies to help you win great Quibids auctions. Follow these instructions as they form the best Quibids strategy you will find.

Quibids Strategy-1: Aggressive can be good

Watch most Quibids auctions during high traffic times and follow them for some time without bidding. See who wins the auctions. The aggressive bidder will most likely win. This is especially true for smaller items like Quibids sale vouchers and other cheaper, offbeat items. Why is this? Popular thinking seems to be that you should wait until the end to bid and not waste bids by being pushy.

Here’s why: This Quibids strategy plays right to the heart and mind of a penny auction bidder. The psychology of bidding dictates that new bidders can easily be intimidated online by aggressive bidders. If someone sees that he is being outbid each and every time as soon as he makes the offer, he loses hope. At this stage, he wants to protect his remaining offers and therefore quietly exits the bidding arena. What actually happened is that the aggressive bidder, even though he had to spend a few more bids, actually ended up winning and the meek bidder just lost a few bids and ended up losing money.

The trick is simple: the only way to net a profit on Quibids is to win the item at all costs. So if you can bid aggressively and win, it’s much better than being meek and ending up losing the auction.

Quibids Strategy-2: Offer Vouchers Can Be Bad

I know what you’re thinking: if bid vouchers get extra bids, how can they be bad? Well, the usual reasoning is that if you spend 15 bids to win a 25-bid coupon, you have effectively placed 10 additional bids. However, this is faulty logic because voucher offers do not count towards the Buy It Now feature. by Quibids. So what you are effectively doing is exchanging 15 refundable offers for 25 non-refundable offers that can’t even be used to purchase the item at market price.

The reason you need to keep the Buy It Now! for deals is to minimize losses. Quibids and other penny auctions can be very risky and you can end up losing a lot of money if you are not careful. The Buy It Now feature essentially removes this element of risk if you use it correctly, which can be a huge advantage.

Quibids Strategy-3: Know When to Bid

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this Quibids strategy. Essentially, whatever other strategy you use, you may not win a Quibids auction if you don’t follow the proper times to bid. There are certain times that are very busy and others that are not. However, this is not the only criterion. Sometimes there are only a few people bidding, but there are also very few auctions, so the competition is immense.

Therefore, the key is competition. You should bid at a time when there are many auctions and not so many people. This is the best time to bid on Quibids. The worst time to bid on Quibids would be when there are too few auctions and too many bidders. Avoiding the high competition can get you some amazing deals.

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