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When I think of an unsung hero, I think of Brenham Trails; a black male in his 20s, a native of pompano beach. Brenham is about 5.8 inches tall, he works as a local pet rescuer, he is a very easy going young man whom I met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For that reason, I have called Brenham my unsung hero who has given me Francaise, who is now part of my family. Brenham does an amazing job caring for these animals. Every day across the country we have men and women like Brenham whose enormous contributions to American society deserve more recognition. They go unnoticed and neglected in the eyes of the public. I think these are the kind of people who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. I decided to take a moment and look back to thank my unsung hero Brenham Trails.

I always had a passion for animals cats, dogs or even snakes. Because I grew up with cats and dogs in the family home. Last week on my way to work I noticed a kitten abandoned near my dumpster. I called my friend Brenham, the local pet rescuer, to help me capture the kitten. We tried to make a move to rescue the kitten on the first day, but I was afraid of what was going to happen. On my second day, I noticed that they had three kittens instead of one with their mother near the dumpster. The kittens looked like they hadn’t eaten for days. For the mother, Brenham told me that he was in poor condition. I felt sorry for them. I went to the store to buy cat food and when I got home, Brahman and I put the food on the floor and stood nearby as we watched the kitties devastated by the food. On the third day, Brenham and I decided it was time to bring the kittens food and water back. I had a feeling they were a little scared to get close to us. We waited patiently little by little the food was on the floor everyone came and ate. I left them alone and went home.

The next night I returned to feed them. They were comfortable with me then. I decided to take one home with my little Francaise after seven days of work and struggle. He wanted to take them all home but he didn’t have enough space for them. The next day I called Brenham, the pet rescue service, to come rescue the rest of the cats. I was sad to see them go, but again happy for the cats. I know deep down they would be in a better place.

For my kitten, the first thing I did when I brought her home; she was feeding and bathing her. She was extremely small. She could feel every bone in her body. I had a hard time bathing her but it was for her own good. The next day I took him to the vet for an injection. She looks healthier than she did a week ago.

If it wasn’t for Brenham, the local pet rescuer, these kitties would probably starve to death. I praise him for his noble and heroic bravery. Because if it wasn’t for him, the kittens would probably be stray cats wandering around with someone to take care of them. My cat Little Francaise is now home with the family and is being cared for by; my mother Cilia. She is doing great, I make sure she feeds regularly, take her to the vet regularly. Like, for Brenham, she continues to work as a pet rescuer to preserve animals for future generations.

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