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SMS Marketing is better than any other mode of marketing? This may seem like a hot topic among marketers around the world. Most marketing media have been around for decades, but the spread of mobile devices has definitely changed the way every marketer treats these options in marketing plans.

SMS Marketing is known to be a reliable option for reaching end users with precise and targeted messages. Below is compiled data that compares SMS marketing with other modes of marketing to give you an overview of its current position as an effective marketing tool.

1) Open rate

– SMS Marketing open rate – 90%

– Open rate of other marketing modes – 30 to 35%

These numbers leave us nothing to discuss, as your customer is bound to read your SMS message.

2) Quantity matters

– Number of text messages; the less the better

– Number of emails or ads, the more the better

We don’t need to think about this twice. Just think about how you treat your messages and emails. If you keep getting an email from the same address, you probably only opened it once. With messages, no one is tolerant of unnecessary inconvenience. The goal of a text message is to give the required information in an accurate way and that is what people expect from marketing messages.

3) Nature of the campaign/SMS

The nature of the message is very important for text messages and any other mode of marketing. For example, if you have an offer or a discount to offer your customers, SMS Marketing is the perfect way. No other marketing medium will create an impact like text messages when considering discounts and offers.

4) Click-through rate

– The CTR of SMS Marketing – 40%

– The CTR of other marketing modes – 7 to 10%

The reason all marketers take SMS marketing seriously is the widespread penetration of mobile phones in the market. Mobile phones are affordable and available to everyone, as are data packages.

Therefore, the possibility that the end user will open the link sent by message, whenever it is of interest to him, is much greater than ever.

Regardless of what is said, an SMS will always find its way to your customer’s inbox. Finally, it is safe to say that SMS marketing is a more effective tool than any other. Have you already tried it?

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